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North Yorkshire   


Gypsy Living Wagon - Night & Day Trip


1 Night & Day Trip

Join us for a night and day trip with our gypsy living wagon as we hit the open roads on the evening of your arrival with us, we'll be in charge of driving the horse but our couples may be lucky to have a go for themselves.


The break will start at 6:00 pm from our base and return around 6:00 pm the following day. We will set off on the evening of your arrival and travel for 4-6 miles then pull up and set up camp for the evening, we'll get a camp fire going for you and get the kettle on the tripod while you go foraging for dead firewood to keep you going for the evening, you'll be able to cook your own food on the fire using our tripod and frying pan, gas stove also available if you prefer the cleaner cooking option. We'll instruct you what to look after for the rest of the night and leave you to settle down, we'll arrive back in the morning around 9:00 am when our couple should have already have eaten breakfast ready for us to pack up camp and set off for the day. We'll travel the open roads and move on to around 1:00 pm when we'll pull up again this time for lunch for around 1 1/2 hours. We will then hitch up the horse and take a journey back to base for around 6:00 pm to end your break.




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