Breaking To Harness

Breaking and re-training horses to harness. Have your horse or pony broken to drive. Give your youngster the best start or give an older horse or pony a new job.

We use our own equipment not unless you want to bring your own, it's up to you. 

We do not force any horse into driving, we wait until they tell us when they are ready to move on to the next step of training, they will be leaving our yard driving, we allow you to drive them before you take them home.

Your horse will be driving through traffic, off road tracks etc.

We like to work with each horse/pony 6 days a week and give them one day per week off as a treat.

We take approximately 3 to 8 weeks to have your horse/pony ready to go home depending on each and every horse/pony.

We like horses/ponies to come to us already been wormed to help with our worming program and keep our grazing paddocks clean, if not we can worm your horse for extra cost with a good wormer.

Ponies below 14.2hh £130.00 per week.

Horses over 14.2hh £160.00 per week.