Long Reining Clinics

Long-reining is not that different to riding or driving when it comes to your hands.

It's possible to long rein with a very light contact too.

Long reining helps a horse to learn how to carry himself, how to bend, to be brave, all without the weight of a rider/carriage, and allows him to work in a straight line rather than round in circles. Long reining also allows us to see how our horses/ponies are carrying themselves.

Clinic details

Our clinics will start of with a demonstration using the different ways how to long rein the difference between a riding horse and a driving horse, all spectators get the chance to long rein with one of our two horses on the day of each clinic.

We can not allow you to bring your own horse, if you need us to come out to you to get you started you would need to book an appointment with us.

Fancy having a clinic at your yard?, we would like to hear from you.