Terms and Conditions

2019 is our last year for offering carriage driving activities, all vouchers sold up until 31/12/2019 will be valid to book in with us during 2020

Making Bookings
The person or people making the booking or taking part in any carriage driving or any other training we offer is called the Client or clients. The safety of our clients, members of the public, our horses and other road users is of importance.

Please note - There is a limited availability for weekends so please book in well within your voucher expiry date.

We are closed between Christmas & New Year.

LESSONS - Lessons are offered all year round but we recommend booking in between March & November.

COURSES - Please Note - We prefer not to book any clients in during the winter months due to the courses taking place outside and ground conditions etc, gift vouchers will be valid for 12 months, bookings only between March to October.

FUN DRIVES - We recommend fun drives to take place between April & October due to cold weather and fog, if on the day of any fun drive booked in and it is foggy we would need to cancel and re-arrange.

CANCELLING BOOKINGS - If the client cancels the booking before 48 hours before there booking we will offer a further date when available. If the client cancels within 48 hours of there booking we have the right to not offer any dates to re-book in with us.

We do NOT teach anyone under the age of fourteen years old.

Unfortunately we do not have toilet facilities on site.

PLEASE NOTE - People who come with our clients can NOT take part in any tuition we offer and are advised not to enter beyond our gates, spectators can accompany clients by paying £10.00 per person/child on the day with cash or through this website.

If you are late for any reason, your time with us may depend how late you are.

If your booked in and you fail to turn up on your date & time without contacting us, we have the right to forfeit all money paid.

Gift Vouchers
gift voucher must be purchased through this website before booking in with us, all details are on the gift voucher for making bookings.

Carriage driving lesson & fun drive vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

Carriage driving courses vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

If a gift voucher reaches it's expiry date you will not be able to redeem it.

Gift Voucher's can not be exchanged for money or any refund given.

If you would like to purchase anything we offer and don't want to purchase through this website we can accept credit & debit card payments over the phone.

Health, Safety and What to Wear
Dress appropriately for the weather.
Client's are advised to wear there own hard hats (optional).
It is recommended to wear suitable gloves.
Although the horses are generally well behaved, horses can be unpredictable and even potentially dangerous if they feel threatened or frightened so it is the Clients responsibility to be aware of this fact and to inform anyone who comes in to contact with horses. Clients ride on the carriage and are around the horses at their own risk. The Operator cannot be held liable for the bodily injury or property damage or death except where required to do so under the law. The Operator is fully insured.
There are to be no sudden movements or loud noises in the vicinity of the horses.
Horses wear blinkers so cannot see anything approaching from the side or rear, always approach quietly and speak to the horse/s if approaching from the side or rear. Whenever possible, approach from the front, so they can see you.
Keep hands and feet inside the carriage at all times.
The welfare of the horses is essential, as horses can suffer injury or sickness, We reserve the right to cancel bookings at any time and we will then rearrange the bookings. This is only likely to happen if we don't have an available horse to drive.
If a situation arises that, in the sole opinion of the Operator, it could affect the legality or compromise the safety of the passengers, students or horses (such as: the weather is too severe for the horses or the road conditions or other reasons), We reserve the right to cancel the carriage drive and rearrange a convenient date and time to suit.